Battery Compartment CrackΒ 


This evening was a lesson in ‘technology is not perfect’.I have been seeing a lot of posts recently on battery compartments cracking open on Animas pumps. I did a site change two days ago and took care to check my battery compartment along with cartridge compartment and screen. No cracks. Reading one of these posts online I decided to double check mine…I can actually see the battery through this crack 😱 I never saw this crack because my pump skin covered it and honestly I think the reason the pump is still working is because the skin is hugging it together quite tight!

When your life relies on technology you become so confident in it and when it fails for a moment your heart stops πŸ’” I cannot explain the panic that I felt while inspecting this crack. The thought of having to revert to injections and working out how much to have by calculator was overwhelmingly terrifying. 

I just have to pray that this pump keeps on kicking until my replacement arrives in two days πŸ™πŸ»

Hope your all having a trouble free week πŸ‘ŠπŸ» πŸ’™

x Hope 


Whats in My Diabetes Bag?

Last week someone asked me if I would do a video showing what was in my diabetes bag.

I was so excited that someone asked me to do a specific video! It was a topic that I had never thought of doing too!

So here it is πŸ˜€

I would love to see your diabetes bags and what you keep in them too so if you’d like to show me please tag me on any of the following medias πŸ™‚

Twitter: hopieduncs

IG: @hopie_duncs

FaceBook: mypinkpancreas

Have a great day guys!


How to Insert the Contact Detach in Your Arm

I made another video! This one is about inserting sites, again but this time the site I am using is the contact detach and I am doing it on my own, literally single handedly πŸ˜›

Here is the link.

  If you watch it please let me know if you found it helpful or if you have any different methods πŸ™‚ and as always if you have any questions fire them at me, here, on the video, on twitter @hopieduncs, on instagram @hopie_duncs or on facebook at MyPinkPancreas πŸ™‚

Have a great day guys!


My First Year Pumping

I’ve done it! 365days with this little doofer. At week 12 I was seriously doubting my decision take on a pump but I am so thankful that I decided to nut it out! Looking back I do not know how … Continue reading

How to do an insulin pump site change, using the Inset 30 for an arm site.

Hey Guys! David and I made a YouTube video today about how we insert an Inset 30 site in my arm πŸ˜€ Here is the link.     It’s a little longer than your normal video because we explained each step but … Continue reading

Relinquishing Control-Blood Sugar Checks

Admit it, as someone with T1D you like to, no, have to control what happens to you with regard to being poked and prodded. We are subjected to so many tests, shots and site changes that are uncomfortable at the best of times, of course we want to be in control of these. We want to be able to control how quickly the needle is put in, or where. the depth of the finger prick and how hard our finger is squeezed. There are so many different aspects of T1D that cannot be controlled, so we really latch onto what we can control and tend to fight off any that threaten this.

For me, I haven’t let anyone test my blood sugar in over 10 years! It’s my thing, it’s personal, it involves getting into my space and and making me bleed for crying out loud! It hurts quite a bit of the time (I have such skinny and bony fingers!) and overall I just haven’t trusted anyone else to do it and do it well (not to mention wanting to be the first to see the resulting number so that I can decide if I am actually going to reveal the real number).

In the past couple of days it has come to my attention that maybe this isn’t as good for me as I was thinking. My Mum, Dad, Boyfriend, siblings and friends watch me test but I do it so quickly that to them it’s really just a 10 second blur, they couldn’t replicate it themselves without direction. Does that matter though? I mean how often am I in a situation in which I am unable to test my bloods? And that was were I stumbled in my thinking. Day to day I’m generally not in that situation but in the past week I have been verging on it quite a few times, leaving my boyfriend sitting there doing his best to make me eat and get my sugars up (which he is amazing at) while not knowing if what he is doing is having any effect because I’m refusing to test my bloods again. Take it one step further to him finding me on the floor or unable to wake me in the morning (God forbid either of these scenarios actually ever eventuate, although they have in the past) and he NEEDS to know WHY I am not responsive so that he can take the appropriate action to help me. I think he had been musing on this too because this morning he asked if I could teach him how to do a blood sugar test.

This morning I said yes, lets do it. I sat him down and instructed him to test his own blood sugar (he got a perfect 5.4) and then he went on, unassisted to check mine. I took photos to try and distance myself from the whole thing (I was rather worked up) but he did a perfect job! It didn’t even hurt (I wont tell you my number, lets just assume I wasn’t high but it was above his).

Now someone that I spend a great deal of time with (when we are in the same city) is capable of not only treating my blood glucose when it’s low but testing to see if that treatment is required. It has put his and my mind at ease that now,if required he has the knowledge and capability to do this.

I still think that a blood sugar check is very personal (to me at least) and is something which I intend to keep control of but when appropriate and for the right reasons I am now okay with the idea of handing that control over to someone else (doesn’t mean I wont make attempts to snatch the meter before the number appears though).

As always these thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone, you may find yours to be different and that’s absolutely fine πŸ™‚ Please feel free to shareΒ your thoughts on blood sugar tests. Do you always do them? Do you let anyone else? Does a member of your family know how to? Let me know in the comments below or over in Instagram @hopie_duncs or twitter @hopieduncs

Have a great day guys.


Pump Bands

There are so many different ways to wear pumps these days! Hidden, in plain view, pockets, clips, the list goes on. Today I have decided to focus on one method: pumps bands. In New Zealand this is the most popular method of wearing a pump, especially for younger children.

I’m going to talk through four different pump bands that I have, explaining how I use them and why. This is my personal experience and may not be the experience of all who use these products. I’ll include links to each manufacturer and as always, any questions comment below 😊

First up lets talk about the Spibelt. Purely because this was the first one I tried πŸ˜› they retail at about $20NZ depending on your stockist and here is the website.

The belt is an elasticated strap that clips around you with a plastic clip and is adjustable with a plastic slider (that probably has a technical name but I haven’t a clue what it is), The pouch is expandable and made from spandex with a zip running across. Note that the spibelt is available in children’s and adult sizing so best to measure and see which one you or your kiddo fit into best before purchasing πŸ˜‰

Lets talk pro’s first: It’s light, its easily accessible, easily hidden, adjustable (great for kids or youth who are still growing!), available in many colours and patterns and is not something that stands out as hiding a medical device.

Now the con’s: its not a belt for sleeping with-the buckle and slide adjuster are painful to lie on and if you do a lot of driving you may find it irritating in your lower back, the elastic gets picky really quickly (but if you have a pair of nail scissors and patience this can be remedied), I’m not super keen on the zip as I do worry about it scratching the face of my pump with constant opening and closing, it’s not my pick for exercising with (specifically running) as it doesn’t really hold the pump close to your body so it jiggles a fair bit.

All of that being said, its easy to use, discrete and not super expensive. I do still use mine but tend to reserve it for ‘lazy days’ when I’m not doing much and wearing loose clothing (you get the picture πŸ˜› )

Second I’d like to look at ‘No Sweat Insulin Pump bands’ these are available on FaceBook through this link here and retail at $29NZ each or 4 for $100NZ.

Pro’s first again: these bands are pretty much made to measure (there is a kinda sizing chart that you can look at, measure your waist and see where you fit so your guaranteed that they will be snug), they have a PVC window so that you can see your pump and dial up whatever you need to right through the window, they are available in a great range of colours, they sit flush with your body and stay there quite snugly (my pick for exercise because of this).

Con’s: the PVC does have a tendency to crease in places (which if you are a perfectionist like me can be irritating but this may also be down to how I have been putting my pump in).

Finally there is the plain Jane pump band (I don’t have a pic of my one but I will try to sort that out tonight πŸ˜‰ The band is a plain lycra/spandex sewn in the same way as the No Sweat Insulin Pump Band minus the PVC window.

Pro’s: again these bands are made to measure, there is a broad range of colours to choose from, if you are a sewer they are really quick to put together (under an hour), because they are a plain lycra band they can be worn as a belt over a dress or top or shorts (I love this because I feel like my pump is in plain view and yet no one can see it), depending on the lycra fabric and the brightness of your pump you can actually see the screen through the pump and don’t HAVE to remove it from the pouch (it is a lot easier to see if you are in the dark than direct sunlight), it holds the pump close/flush into the body so the pump doesn’t jiggle around (good for sports), can be worn when swimming (just be aware that chlorine will break down the fabric so it may be an idea to keep a belt specifically for swimming).

Con’s: the fabric available in stores is often quite plain.

Overall my favourite pump for day to day stuff is the plain Jane, for sport I would choose the No Sweat Insulin Pump Band (except swimming, I would use the plain Jane then), for daily life I would use the plain Jane and for lazy days I would use the Spibelt.

Again these are all my own opinions and experiences and if you have any different experiences or use a different kind of pump band I’d love to hear about it so please comment below πŸ™‚ and any questions again fire away πŸ™‚