About Me

Hey Y’all.

My name is Hope and I live in NZ. I have had type 1 diabetes for 17years.

I was on MDI for the first 16years and in January 2015 moved onto an Animas Vibe insulin pump.

I’m a student and work part time, I am also really into fibre crafts (literally anything to do with fibre, I will try it) and I have an electric bicycle which I use daily.

Any information that is published in posts is from my personal experience, we all have very different experiences and just because mine isn’t the same as yours doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong 🙂 any tips that I give are not medical advise and are not a substitute for medical advice from your team and if you make any changes to your treatment plans you should always run them past your team first 🙂

I try to be as honest and real as possible in my posts and sharing of stories, not everything is sunshine and rainbows and I feel it is important to acknowledge that.

If you have any questions about anything I have written please feel free to comment, I love hearing from y’all and if you want to reach me other ways I’m on Instagram under hopieduncs 🙂


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hope: your photo is up on our Instagram wall today! We hope you will share with your social media platforms and thankbyouvfor joining our efforts! Best, Sarah CEO + Co-Founder

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    • Hi Sarah!
      Sorry I completely missed this, but I caught the photo on IG. Thank you so much for sharing it and all the work that y’all are continuing to do. Seeing the new photos come up every few days really makes my day a lot brighter 🙂


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