Storing Diabetes

I was asked last week if I could do a video on how I store my diabetes supplies (thank you to the person who asked about it!) and what perfect timing too! I just rearranged all my supplies as I was using terribly awkward cardboard boxes before ๐Ÿ˜› Here is the video, in it I explain all of this ย but I wanted to pair it with a photo blog so that I could really explain everything and add links to where I purchased everything ๐Ÿ™‚

To start off with this is my main storage thing, a Taurus Mini Storage Unit 4 Draw, which I purchased from the Warehouse for $14.00 (they were 30% off so normal retail is $20.00). Here is a link for purchasing them online or you can just go into the store ๐Ÿ˜‰ they come in three different colours: navy blue, grey and white. As you can see I opted for grey as white discolours in the NZ sun and the blue was a tad strong for me ๐Ÿ˜›

ย ย 

As you can see they are pretty packed but everything fits well and in what I like to think is a logical order of arrangement. Lets unpack it and see whats what.

1st Draw

I have taken two photos of each draw to show you how I packed it and then what exactly everything is. I have numbered everything in the photo and those numbers link with descriptions below ๐Ÿ™‚

ย ย 
1. Inhaler, I also have asthma, I had room in the draws to store this so I did ๐Ÿ˜›

2. Ketone pee strips, I normally use the blood testing ketone strips but these haven’t expired yet so I am keeping them as back up.

3. Glucogon, I normally carry one in my bag too but this one everyone in our house knows where it is.

4. This is my back up kit, spare glucometer, pricker, stips, site, battery (for glucometer and pump) and insulin.

5. Spare prickers.

6. Spare glucometer.

7.ย Spare needle tops for an insulin pen and lancets.

8. Spare Pump Batteries, I just get mine from the closest shop at the time, I find the four packs the cheapest and if they are on special I will grab a couple.

9. Syringes.

10. Hypofit Gel, I got a pharmacy onto this, they special ordered it for me but now stock it but they have a $10 mark up! So I will be going to the main stockist MediRay who sell it for $16.45

11. Unopened Inhalers and Preventors.

Draw 2


1. Hyperfix, which is material type adhesive. I use this for creating a safety loop for my tubing and got it through Diabetes NZ for $12 but it is available in any pharmacy.

2. Scissors that I keep specifically for my diabetes stuff so that nothing sticky gets on them and I know they are clean. I use them for prepping sites, cutting finger wipes etc.

3. Cavilon barrier spray, I was very kindly given this one but it is avaibale from Capes Medical for $26.51. I use this if I am putting any kind of adhesive on my tummy to prevent itching, burning or sores.

4. My Animas dongle which came with my pump. I try to upload my pump every couple of days so I can check to see any patterns and make the appropriate adjustments (this doesn’t always happen!) knowing exactly where this little thing is is really important.

5. Insulin Pens left over from when I was on MDI, I keep these in case my pump should ever fail and I have to go back to MDI for a period of time.

6. Ketone strips

7. Blood glucose strips

8. Accu-chek multiclix lancets, these are available from Capes Medical for $23.50 for 24 drums which works out to be 144 lancets.

9. K-Tape (a form of rock tape) available form any pharmacy at $9.99 or $19.99, there are two different grades hence the two different prices. Being a student I went for the lower grade but it does fray.

10. Left over pen needle tips from when I was on MDI.

11. Alcohol prep pads for site changes. These ones were from Diabetes NZ and were $6 for 100 but I have found out that Capes Medical does them for $6.38 for 200.

Draw 3


1. Comfort Short infusion sites, I find keeping them in the box is best space wise, until there is only half a box then taking them out.

2. Contact Detach infusion sites, I keep these in a box because if they get crushed the needles bend or snap and they are useless.

3. Inset 30 infusion sites, I take these out of the box to save space and because the box doesn’t fit in the drawer.

4. Inset 30 tubing, again out of the box works best here.

Draw 4

ALL THE CARTRIDGES-I find that I always end up with more cartidges than anything else, it’s a bit like the odd sock phenomenon. Again the boxes don’t fit in the draws so it’s a case of stuff them in and close the draw before they escape.



I keep all my insulin in its boxes in the fridge. I have taken over one of the shelves in the door which is high up so no children can reach it if they visit and the family knows that it is my shelf and only insulin gets put on it.

Hypo Treatments

Next to my bed I have a small night cabinet and in the top draw I keep a bag of jelly beans, means if I wake up during the night hypo I don’t have to coordinate myself to search for them.

Pump Bands and Cases

I just keep these in one of my clothing draws as for me they are pretty much a clothing accessory.


Hopefully this has been helpful for those of you who are struggling with all your supplies or have just been moved onto a pump and have a whole heap of new supplies. As always if you have any questions please comment them below or you can find me on the following media ๐Ÿ™‚


Instagram: @hopie_duncs


or at my blog:

x Hope


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