We need your questions! 

Dating is complicated. Add in a chronic illness and it becomes even more complex! I have been asked a few times to write a bit about what it is like.  
The Mr and I feel that we have a pretty solid grounding on this one and are doing pretty well with what has been thrown our way so far. Because of this we are collaborating on a mini series of blog posts called ‘Dating Diabetes.’

We want to answer your questions about what it it like to date someone with diabetes, what the struggles are and what are some ways of working through it.
So send us your questions on here FaceBook at My Pink Pancreas, Twitter @hopieduncs or IG @hopie_duncs, we will do our best to answer all of them as honestly as we can within the series. We’re pretty open here so please don’t be shy either 😉

x Hope and David


4 thoughts on “We need your questions! 

  1. Hope and David,

    Firstly, this is a great conversation that we need to have more often in the diabetes world. Thank you!

    My question for you both is how did you initially have “the diabetes discussion”? And how did you work together to effectively communicate what types of support you would need from each other in a relationship where diabetes is involved?

    Thank you!

    ❤️ Ally

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