Balancing the good and bad when it feels bad.

Today I want to talk about social media and it’s impact on our feelings around our T1D. Isn’t social media amazing? There are so many people out there sharing their stories and journey’s with T1D, they are so inspiring and give so many idea on new ways of managing T1D but I have noticed that many of these are super positive and it feels like people never have any issues or difficulty with their T1D.

Does that mean I’m doing it wrong if I have difficulty sometimes or get to the point that everything seems too much or have bad readings?

No, it just means that I’m human. It’s taken me a long time to realize that just because people are not sharing their struggles with T1D online does not mean that they do not/are not having them. As humans we like to show the world (in particular other people) the best of ourselves, our successes and go out of our way to hide what we deem to be our failures. This doesn’t make us bad people, just human and shows that we are concerned of what others may think of us.

This said, here is why I  feel that seeing other peoples can be/is helpful to your diabetes management. Seeing someone else succeed, using the same tools as you can raise the question of ‘well if they can do it why can’t I?’ this often adds a bit more motivation into dealings with T1D (which, lets face it, is never a bad thing!) It shows what can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance, sometimes it’s good to have a gentle reminder that  it is all worth it and something will come from that hard work. As a diabetes community I am a firm believer in sharing in others failures and success, people do not just need support when things are difficult but acknowledgement when they have done well. There are so many different ways of managing T1D, it is not a case of one size fits all and seeing how people have achieved what they have can often open up new ways of managing your own T1D which may be better for you than what you have at the moment. It’s not all bad by any means 😉

The problem comes when we feel that it is wrong to feel down or be having a hard time. That we are failures because things haven’t gone as planned during the week or we have gotten back a higher HbA1c. The problem is when we cannot acknowledge these things without a heavy feeling of guilt. When we feel we MUST be positive but cannot find anything that is and beginning feeling even worse for this. And when we cannot do anything but think ‘what could I have done better?’ Why didn’t I do that?’

So how do we solve this? How do we balance the self analysis, being disappointed or frustrated over results and trying to be positive?

Here’s my plan. It may not be right for you but hopefully it may give you some ideas of how you could so something that is right for you.  Whenever I have a ‘bad diabetes day’ I am going to sit down and list what happened T1D wise that was a pain, went badly or that I am disappointed with, I am then going to write down how I could try and adapt things to minimize that happening again. next (and this is the important part, well at least I think so) I am going to write down one positive thing for every negative thing that happened, to balance the book.

Here is an example that I did from yesterday.

Negatives-three hypos (two of which were in the 2’s!), two almost high readings, had to replace my high heels with flats cause I was too low to go out in them, the Mr had to get bossy with me to get me to do the right things.

Things I could do better next time to avoid these negatives-the first low I cannot explain, the next two I should’ve had small snacks around that time and didn’t.

Positives-I recovered well from each of the lows (some a little quicker than others), I didn’t have any true highs, we ended up walking a bit so heels would’ve been sore, the Mr felt that he could get bossy with me and tell me what to do which was the right thing to do and my non-hypo brain is very grateful, my overall average of the day was 6.7.

I was feeling terrible having those negative points floating round in my head and couldn’t seem to get past them. After sitting down and weighing them up against what had actually gone well I realized that all in all the day had actually been quite good and I didn’t really have anything to feel terrible about.

Some days I am sure will not fully balance out but my hope is that by going through this process I will be able to put things into perspective and be able to acknowledge, process and deal with those negative feelings while not experiencing overwhelming guilt for having them.

What are your thoughts? How do you deal with the bad days or seeing other excel seemingly effortlessly while you feel you are floundering? Let me know in the comments or come and tell me over on IG @hopie_duncs I would love to hear from you 🙂

Have a great week and remember, when it all boils down, you are human and as a human cannot get everything perfect all the time.

x Hope


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