Infusion Confusion Part II

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my personal experience of pump infusion sites, so here we go 😀

I started off with the inset II-6mm, which is easy peasy to put in after about two weeks of using the sites I began to feel a burning sensation under the skin whenever I bloused, it was just a slight niggle to begin with but it grew to an intense pain as if someone was holding a burning cigarette to my skin. I wanted to rip the site out it was so sore and I was beginning to get pain when the pump gave me my three minute basels too. Needless to say things were not looking good.

I contacted a friend whose daughter is on the same pump but she was using a different site, the comfort short. She gave me a few comfort short infusions to try to see if the difference in angle and depth made any difference. (Here is where I admit that I was too scared to use them and put up with the pain until I saw the nurse a few days later). Upon seeing the nurse, she said the same thing, to try a different infusion and gave me some comfort shorts (with inserers). She walked me through using one, so there was no backing out of doing so!) Three hours and a few boluses later I checked in with her to see if the stinging was still there…it was gone! No sting no pain 😀 Woohoo!

At my next site change I again used one of the comfort shorts with the inserter…only this time things just didnt quite go to plan :/ (I find the inserters for the comfort short very fiddly and it is easy to make very small but costly mistakes). I didnt manage to hold the canula in the right position when pulling the needle back out and managed to pull the canula partly out to. Sigh, rip that site out and start again. This time i used to comfort short but without the inserter (I will admit to freaking out at this point due to the fact that I was holding a 3cm needle against myself and readying to plunge it into my flesh O.o ) my fantastic father stood next to me pinching my arm to try and distratc me, which odly enough had a great effect. And the needle went in smoothly, I found I needed a bit of help holding the canula and taping the adhesive down at the same time (I can now do this on my own at a push, but it is so so much easier when someone else can lend a hand).

At the end of it all I got a new script for the comfort short insets and I was away laughing, only the pharmacy has a ruling that you cannot swap a script. So I was stuck with two boxes of the inset II and not quite enough site changes in the comfort short, what to do? I couldn’t use the inset II because they were so painful but at some point I was going to have to. This is were I came up with the idea of trying the inset II’s in my arms and legs. I have plenty of meat in my legs so that wasn’t a problem. I found that if I put the sites in my legs I couldn’t wear tighter fitting jeans because they rubbed and irritated the site but that is an easy thing to get around, site in leg=wear looser trousers. I found putting te site in my arm rather challenging as I only had one hand, but this is were the auto inserter really came into its own and under the watchful guide nice of my boyfriend via Skype I got it in no bother and even found an MP3 player arm band to fit the pump in when I wear it on my arm 😉

Remember that if the first site you try isn’t quite working for you you can always try another until you get the one that is just right for you 😊 as always if you have any further questions or are needing any clarification please just sing out.



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