The #FreeDiabetics Movement

I thought a good way to start this blog off would be to re-blog a post I wrote about type 1 diabetes a wee while ago, while I’m going to give you what I originally thought I’m also going to add in some after thoughts 😉 I posted this on IG, FB and another blog back on September 17th, 2014.

Literally holding my life in my hands here.

Literally holding my life in my hands here.

My name is Hope, normally I hide this side of my life but I saw a post recently and for some reason felt I should join.
I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 4, that’s almost 17years.
I have 12 injections a day, 84 a week, and 4368 a year. I put a hole in my finger 6 times a day, you can do that math on that one if you like.
This is me literally holding my life in my hands.
I have bruises and lumps in places no girl would ever want.
Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate, sometimes I feel sick, sometimes I shake to the point I can’t hold a glass of water, talk or walk properly.
I don’t eat, sleep or exercise without running calculations and having meds.
Does it hurt-YES. Can I eat sugar-YES. Is it contagious-NO. Is there a cure-NOT YET.
I don’t want any sympathy so please don’t post any sympathies. I live life to the full, I milk cows, go 4×4, ride bikes, and am completing a degree. It’s just a hell of a lot harder to do than for most people. But one day i will look back at it all and laugh, because I won’t be having to test my sugars or have shots, I’ll feel normal, it’ll be great, I’ll be free.

Afterthoughts: There is not much more to it really, upon getting to know some of the fantastic people involved with the FDM I’ve found support, support that I had pushed away in the past because I really didn’t think that their was anyone like me, that anyone else knew what I went though on a daily basis. In finding this support I have really been able to start dealing with what my T1D throws at me, even though some days its really hard. For me this is a really important community because it allows me to know that I am not alone and for anyone no matter if they have an illness or not, that is very important.

All in all I really enjoy FDM because I get to see the faces of T1D and they are beautiful dispite this unfair burden that they carry and they are people! They are not faceless things with some terrible disease!! And this gives me hope, that maybe I can be beautiful with this disease and how I live my life with it but also maybe, hopefully, one day without it.


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